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NEMO Puffin Blanket


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Get Cozy

Whether you need to add some warmth to your sleeping bag or just want something to spread over your legs while your hanging by the campfire, the NEMO Puffin Blanket is built to be a versatile, go-anywhere camp blanket to take the chill right out of the air. Packed with lightweight synthetic insulation, the Puffin goes well with car camping excursions, cold days at the park, or even works as an emergency blanket to keep in the car during the winter months. Built with a tough nylon ripstop material and designed to be large enough to cover your entire body, this is the perfect addition to your camping bin this season.


  • The ultimate in glamping, this insulated blanket will keep you cozy year-round
  • Micro-ripstop nylon is soft and quiet enough that it won't wake you up at night
  • Synthetic insulation is lightweight, packable, and naturally water-resistant
  • Foot Nook system creates a pocket for your feet
  • Curved edges let you wrap it easily around your body
  • Storage case doubles as a camp pillow when you forget yours at home


  • Best Use: Camping, Outdoors
  • Minimum Weight: 2 lb 6 oz
  • Fabric: 40D Nylon Micro-Ripstop with DWR
  • Insulation: Synthetic Insulation
  • Packed Size: 14" x 8"
  • Dimensions: 57" x 85"