Repo Chalk Bag - Light Gray

Black Diamond Repo Chalk Bag


Made from re-purposed fabric strips taken from Black Diamond's sewing factory, the Repo Chalk Bag is a classic style chalk bag with an upcycled twist. The tapered design with a malleable wire rim makes this chalk bag easy to use, even when you're pumped and running it out. The drawcord closure cinches down tight to keep unwanted chalk from exploding in your car and your backpack while the added loop holds a brush so you can scrub down the crux holds on your way back down to Earth. 


  • A modern style chalk bag with a pliable wire rim made from re-purposed fabric
  • Cinch closure keeps chalk in its bag and not in your pack
  • Cozy fleece-lined interior
  • Brush holder keeps your tool handy
  • Webbing belt with quick-release buckle


  • Weight: 83 g (2.93 oz)

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