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CAMP Dryad Double Pulley

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Haul It All

Created for rescue and hauling situations, the Camp Dryad is a double pulley system, outfitted for a variety of configurations. The double pulley option helps with efficiency, while the large connection hole allows for two carabiners. This device is particularly set up for crevasse rescue, with the capability for prusik knots on either side. Quick hauling and rescue situations require a tool that can handle efficient and safe load transfer and movement.


  • Double pulley allows for two system setups
  • Large connection hole for two carabiners
  • Prusik-minding technology for rescue safety
  • Aluminum alloy body and sheaves and stainless steel axle for best strength-to-weight
  • Self-lubricated brass bushings maintain easy action


  • For ropes up to 13 mm
  • Weight: 170g / 6oz
  • Inner sheave diameter: 1.10in
  • Rope diameter max: 0.51in
  • Working load max: 1 kN x 4 = 4 kN
  • Breaking load: 24 kN
  • Sheave material: aluminum alloy