30 kN Boa HMS Carabiner - Screwgate

DMM 30kN Boa HMS Carabiner

$17.95 - $26.95

Lock It Down

You don't mess around when it comes to safety while climbing, and neither does the DMM 30kN Boa HMS Carabiner. With an impressive 30kN strength rating and a large interior with enough space for your clove hitch, your partner's, and even one for your friend who jumped on the trip last minute, the Boa HMS is here to simplify your life at the anchor. Three different locking styles let you customize your set up, and the Taperlock nose design means that no matter what style you choose, you won't have to worry about it getting snagged on bolts or gear.


  • A heavy-duty locking carabiner for all things climbing
  • Massive internal volume can accommodate three clove hitches
  • Large gate opening is easy to use with thicker ropes and slings
  • HMS style with an extended and curved top bar gives you more room to work
  • Taperlock nose design resists shearing forces and prevents the carabiner from snagging on gear
  • I-Beam construction is lightweight without reducing strength
  • Rated to 30 kN for all of your rigging and climbing needs


  • Best Use: Rock Climbing
  • Weight: [Screwgate] - 3.35 oz; [Kwiklock] - 3.39 oz; [Locksafe] - 3.42 oz
  • Closed Gate Strength: 30kN
  • Open Gate Strength: 9kN
  • Minor Axis Strength: 12kN
  • Gate Opening: [Screwgate] - 24mm; [Kwiklock/Locksafe] - 23mm

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