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Black Diamond 6.0 Static Rope


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The Black Diamond 6.0 Static Rope was designed as a lightweight tagline, haul cord, and backup rappel option when you need to set up a single line, pull cord rappel to get down faster. The 6.0mm diameter won't weigh you down on your climb and easily packs into a small day pack for convenient carrying so that whether you want it for hauling up some extra gear or you need a faster option for the rappel out, you never have a good reason to leave it at home. 


  • Designed as a versatile tag line and haul cord
  • 65m length is perfect for rappelling with a 60m dynamic rope 
  • Minimal stretch allows for easy hauling


  • Rope Type: Static Kernmantel Accessory Cord
  • Weight Per Meter: 23.2 g
  • Length: 65m