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Black Diamond Momentum Women's Package


It's hard to be a committed climber when you have to borrow or rent your gear every time you go out, and piecing together the best price for everything online is a tedious and daunting task. It just so happens that Black Diamond put together a little something for you, the Momentum Women's Package, a fully stocked kit of everything you need to get out and get climbing. The Momentum Women's Climbing Harness gives you the support you need for long project belays and stomach-dropping whippers, while the included ATC-XP belay device and locking carabiner ensure that you're always ready to step up when someone needs a catch. Whether your hands get sweaty from the climb or just from watching Freesolo at home, BD also added in their Mojo Chalk Bag and White Gold chalk ball, so you can get the best grip on the upcoming crimp or the popcorn bucket, whatever's most appropriate at the time.


  • The full kit and kaboodle for women who can't get enough when it comes to climbing
  • Momentum Climbing Harness with a women's-specific rise, comfy Dual Core Construction, and adjustable leg loops
  • ATC-XP belay and rappel device offers lightweight stopping power
  • Rocklock Screwgate locking carabiner for full belay security
  • Mojo chalk bag holds your magical sending powder
  • White gold chalk ball fits perfectly into your new chalk bag


  • Weight: 10.7 oz (Harness Only; 12 oz for 2019 model)
  • Gear Loops: 4
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Best Use: Rock and Gym Climbing

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