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CAMP Mach Express Dyneema 60cm Quickdraw

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The Draw For It All

Safety and utility combine in the Camp Mach Express Dyneema 60cm draw, equipped for easy use in all conditions. Slippery rock, narrow chains, or cam slings pair well with the Nano 22 carabiner on the gear side, while the Photon Wire carabiner is the lightest on the market, and is easily clipable on the rope end, even with gloves. The Dyneema sling in between is made of the strongest and lightest fabric possible for trad draws, and holds up in any condition. Lightweight and nimble, this draw is ideal for those fast and light missions in the alpine, or long adventures where every ounce counts.


  • 10 mm x 60 cm Dyneema is both light and suitable for wet conditions
  • Photon Wire carabiner on the rope end for easy clipping
  • Nano 22 carabiner on the gear end for fast and light missions
  • Lightweight combination for alpine adventures


  • Weight: 10.3 oz