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Julbo Aerospace Photochromic Ski Goggles

$187.50 - $299.95
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Goggles for the Uphill

Julbo equipped the Aerospace Goggles with adjustable ventilation so you can wear them setting a skintrack under the alpine’s sharp sun. Opening the ventilation tilts the lens forward to open wide when you’re sweating uphill, and the lens closes tight when it’s time to reap your powdery reward. All lens options available feature photochromic REACTIV technology, which automatically adjusts the lens’s tint based on the amount of sunlight. The lens’s tint lightens up during a dawn patrol sunrise, and then darkens in midday bluebird conditions. It also has a spherical shape and a minimalist frame to maximize your field of vision. The frame features plush dual-density foam and a dual-adjustable strap for a comfortably secure fit. The strap’s outriggers allow helmet compatibility. Some styles feature a TwICEme NFC chip that ski patrols, first responders, and anyone available in an emergency can scan to gather medical information.


  • Goggles give adjustable ventilation for wearing uphill as well as downhill
  • REACTIV photochromic lens automatically adjusts tint based on the sky’s sunlight
  • Super Flow System separates the lens from the frame to maximize ventilation at the flip of a side switch
  • Spherical lens shape increases field of vision
  • Anti-fog coating beads moisture off the lens for fog-free visibility
  • Axis strap features helmet-compatible outriggers and a grippy silicone lining
  • Select styles feature a TwICEme medical chip that phones can read for medical information in emergencies


  • Best Use: Backcountry Touring, Skiing, Snowboarding
  • Face Size: Extra Large
  • Lens Dimension: 165 x 82mm
  • Weight: 4.23 oz

Lens Options

  • [REACTIV 2-3 Glare Control] - Photochromic, category 2-3 lens; VLT - 30-15%
  • [REACTIV 1-3 High Contrast] - Photochromic, category 1-3 lens; VLT - 75-17%
  • [REACTIV 0-4 High Contrast] - Photochromic, category 0-4 lens; VLT - 80-7%
  • [REACTIV Performance 2/4]: Photochromic category 2-4 lens with a gold tint for increased light receptivity
  • [REACTIV Zebra Light Red]: Photochromic category 1-3 with a red tint, anti-fog, and oil repellent coating
  • [REACTIV Snow Tiger]: Photochromic category 2-3 lens with a red tint and glare control filter
  • [REACTIV Zebra]: Photochromic category 2-4 lens with a polarized lens

Lens Guide