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Julbo Skydome Photochromic Ski Goggles

$269.95 - $279.95
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See Everything

After a long skin to the top of a ridgeline, the last thing you want to do is put your goggles on and think "I really wish I could see better" before dropping into a powder line that dreams are made of. Next time, opt for the Julbo Skydome Goggles which are designed with an oversized lens so you never miss another detail on your way down. The frameless construction eliminates all possible blind spots, meaning you can keep your ski partner in sight while seamlessly navigating low angle trees. Built-in vents and an anti-fog coating keep you from having to wipe your goggles out after every run while the soft-touch, dual-layer foam won't put unwanted pressure on your face, so you don't have to keep switching between sunglasses and goggles all day long. Want some icing on that cake? How about photochromic lenses that adjust to subtle changes in ambient lighting, meaning the next time the lighting goes flat, you won't end up tomahawking down the mountain.


  • Oversized lenses help you take in all of the possible ways down the mountain
  • Frameless style offers a panoramic view of the lines below
  • Air Flow built-in goggle vents keep condensed water-vapor at bay
  • Photochromic lens adapts to changes in ambient light
  • Spherical double lens eliminates blind spots
  • Symmetrical strap loops make for easy adjustments even with gloves on
  • Offset strap for universal helmet compatibility
  • Silicone backed strap keeps the goggles in place
  • Two layers of foam offer optimal comfort for a full day of shredding


  • Best Use: Skiing, Snowboarding
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Face Size: Extra Extra Large
  • Lens Dimensions: 185 x 90 mm
  • Weight: 4.76 oz

Lens Options

  • [REACTIV 0-4 High Contrast] Photochromimc, category 0-4; VLT: 80% - 7%; anti-fog, oil-repellent coatings
  • [REACTIV Zebra Light Red]: Photochromic category 1-3 with a red tint, anti-fog, and oil repellent coating
  • [REACTIV Snow Tiger]: Photochromic category 2-3 lens with a red tint and glare control filter
  • [REACTIV Performance 1/3]: Photochromic category 1-3 lens with a red tint for high contrast
  • [REACTIV All Around 2/3]: Photochromic category 2-3 lens with a red tint and glare control filter
  • [REACTIV High Mountain 2/4]: Photochromic category 2-4 lens with a polarized lens