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Sweet Protection Interstellar Ski Goggles 2019

$89.94 - $143.94

The world of freeride has never seen eyewear like the Sweet Protection Interstellar Ski Goggles, and we feel confident that once skiers get their hands on them, they won't ever look at goggles the same way again. For starters, the designers at Sweet Protection wanted a model as tough as their helmets, so they made the lens impact-resistant with a stiff carbon backing so you can feel confident that it'll take more than a wayward tree branch to break your lenses. Onto the entree, they added their very own RIG lens technology, offering unbelievable contrast without warping your vision, which can be the difference between accidentally dropping a cliff and skirting around it. These lenses were then topped off with a sculpted shape, anti-fog coating, and hydrophobic layer, to stop foggy lenses in their tracks as well as an ExcenterLock mechanism to secure your lenses in place from dawn till dusk. For dessert, they went to the space age by adding Gore Protective Vents to equalize the pressure between the inner and outer lens to ensure that you get picture-perfect clarity, no matter what the weather or the snow throws your way.


  • Impact-resistant goggles with a focus on high contrast and clarity of vision
  • Retina Illumination Grading (RIG) enhances contrast and reduces eye strain
  • Gore Vents equalize pressure in between the inner and outer lenses for reduced distortion
  • Carbon fiber reinforced lens backing is stiff and tough
  • ExcenterLock mechanism secures lenses in place
  • Sculpted design is tough enough to withstand impacts and offers a wide field of vision
  • Anti-fog inner lens keeps you from having to clean your lens every run
  • Hydrophobic coating keeps water in every form at bay
  • Microfiber goggle bag included


  • Face Size: Medium
  • Safety Certifications: CE EN 1077 1042

Lens Options

  • [RIG Light Amethyst]: Low light lenses for gloomy and flat light days - VLT: 35%
  • [RIG Amethyst]: A high contrast lens for variable and changing light - VLT: 25%
  • [RIG Sapphire]: Great for bright and sunny skies - VLT: 12%
  • [RIG Emerald]: Ideal for a wide range of conditions from sun to clouds to flat light - VLT: 12%
  • [RIG Topaz]: Versatility in form, good for both overcast and sunny conditions - VLT: 12%
  • [Obsidian Black]: For the brightest of conditions and heavy sun - VLT: 12%