The 2017 Camp Care Plan  - Get Your Coverage Today!

The 2017 Camp Care Plan - Get Your Coverage Today!

Posted by Collin B. on 2nd Mar 2017

You found out that you’re as sick as we are, didn’t you?

It’s ok. Once again, you’re not alone. In fact, there are thousands who suffer from the same symptoms. Luckily for you (and them), Campman has come up with numerous ways to treat whatever form of Camp Fever you struggle with.

If your family is complaining about the meals you make using your old camp stove, we have a cure for that. If your tent does in fact have a leak, we have an Rx for that. And if you’re sick of looking at last year’s photos on your desktop and phone, we can set you up with everything you need to get back out and capture more exciting and eye catching pics to star at for years to come!

The point is that no matter what symptom(s) you’re suffering from, we can help get you better.

Before continuing this article, please review the 25 most common symptoms of Camp Fever for 2017. It’s very important to use caution when self-diagnosing Camp Fever. If need be, consult a Campman Representative or significant other if questions arise. Also, use our coupon code below to save on your Rx.

Camp Care Rx Plan:

  • Open your “Hell Ya” bookmark folder and choose three of your new camping ideas to incorporate this season. *Don’t get greedy. Start with three.
  • Leave that old tent up as your man-cave or she-shed and purchase a new and more reliable tent from “yuge” selection. With brands like Big Agnes, NEMO Equipment, Eureka and others, you can’t go wrong whether it’s a solo shelter or a family palace.
  • Make your profile claim of being a “camp-chef extraordinaire” a reality and purchase a new Jetboil Genesis system.
  • Don’t get mad at the weatherman any longer. Go camping this weekend, send him or her a pic and tell them to share with the world that spring is already here and everyone else is missing out!
  • Kick the kids out of the tent in your basement, purchase a new two-person sleeping bag such as a NEMO Symphony Luxury Duo or Big Agnes Sentinel 30 for you and your significant other and spend the weekend getting used to “snuggling” once again.
  • Purchase the kiddos new Deuter Fox 30 or Kikki backpacks so that they can pack their own gear on the trail thus leaving you with less to carry.
  • Simply get outdoors with friends, family or other and enjoy the fresh air, warm weather and sounds of silence. We can provide the Rx and gear to bring down your fever, but it’s up to you to get out and cure it for good. Well, at least until next spring.


Purchasing new gear from Campman can cause energy levels to spike as well as increased motivation and a heightened sense of joy. In some cases, products from brands like Mystery Ranch, Jetboil, Big Agnes, Nemo Equipment, Howler Brothers and Helinox can lead to numerous nights away from home, exploration outside of your comfort zone, family bonding and a new sense of purpose. In extreme situations, patients have been known to wet their pants when receiving packages from Campman. This involuntary reaction can lead to severe embarrassment. If your joy lasts longer than 48 hours or repeats itself numerous times throughout the spring and summer, contact Campman to share. 

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