A Newbie's trip on Montana's Smith River

Posted by Chris H. on 26th May 2016

Growing up in Montana, the Smith River was well known to me but I never had the resources to take the trip.  Flash forward a couple of decades and I finally got the chance when a call came in fro … read more

Liftopia discount vouchers still around

Posted by Chris H. on 24th Sep 2014

We still have quite a few $10 vouchers if you're interested in saving some cash.  Go to our facebook page and like us.  We'll then send you code via facebook. … read more

Wolves can change rivers? Hmmmmm

Posted by chris on 25th Feb 2014

Not sure if this is actually true but it is something to think about.How Wolves Change Rivers from Sustainable Man on Vimeo.  Watch and form your own opinion.  I know some people who wi … read more