Stopper Set #4-13

Black Diamond Stopper Set #4-13 - Used

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Black Diamond has been designing stoppers, refining them, remaking them, and putting them to the test for longer than many climbers have been alive. This should offer you some extra comfort for the dyno when you look down to see your last placement was a bomber nut a few feet below where you currently stand. The Black Diamond Stopper Set #4-13 is the perfect addition to any gear rack with their transverse taper to help you place in flares and constrictions as well as rounded edges, making them easier to clean, so your buddy isn't cursing your name the entire way up to the anchor. With a lightweight, durable design that is anodized by color to make them easily identifiable, these stoppers might just save you from taking the whip. 


  • Set of original Black Diamond Stoppers to round out any trad rack
  • Durable aluminum heads with steel cables keep these stoppers both lightweight and durable
  • Transverse taper for tricky placements
  • Rounded edges allow your second to clean them easier than ever
  • Built to be racked on an oval shaped carabiner
  • Color-coded by size


  • Weight: 15.6 oz
  • Range: [4] 0.27-0.49 in, [5] 0.33-0.53 in, [6] 0.40-0.61 in, [7] 0.46-0.64 in, [8] 0.53-0.72 in, [9] 0.60-0.82 in, [10] 0.68-0.92 in, [11] 0.79-1.05 in, [12] 0.90-1.20 in, [13] 1.04-1.38 in
  • Strength: [4-5] 6 kN, [6-13] 10kN

Type: Return

Condition:  4 of 5 - These stoppers are lightly used and in good condition.  They have some minor scuff marks.

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