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Mystery Ranch

When you start any brand making a product and are approached about it in less than five years later by the Navy SEALs wanting you to make custom models for them, you know you’re on to something good. Building packs for the special forces moved Mystery Ranch from being an entirely outdoor retail oriented production team to one that worked directly with large groups like the military and wildland fire teams to produce packs that perform when everything is on the line. Creating custom designs for those on the front line also encouraged Mystery Ranch to continue to build all of their products by hand. This ensures that every pack that reaches a consumer is guaranteed to be of the highest quality because let’s be honest, anyone who’s ever used the voice-to-text application on their phone knows that when you trust a machine to get the job done, it usually ends in an awkward conversation about why you said ‘that’.

Mystery Ranch still makes packs for backpacking, hiking, and climbing alongside their lines for professional groups. With a focus on functional designs, high-quality materials, and innovation above all else, Mystery Ranch makes packs for the long haul.

The only question you should have left is, did we just make all that up to make Mystery Ranch sound cooler? We’ll let you puzzle that mystery out for yourself.