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NEMO Equipment

Whether you’re a climber, backpacker, mountaineer, or simply love spending a night around the campfire, your outdoor pursuits will inevitably lead to a few nights spent sleeping outside. Whether that night is cold and full of fitful spurts of sleep or spent sleeping soundly in comfort is something that the folks at NEMO take seriously. Founded by Cam Brensinger after experiencing a harsh, restless night on the side of Mount Washington, NEMO Equipment designs all of their camping gear with the idea of adding rich experiences to outdoor adventure.

With more award-winning designs to their name than fingers we have to count them on, NEMO has consistently been recognized for their innovative ideas when it comes to sleeping bags, sleeping pads, camping tents, and camp accessories. By striving to always create something that offers a better experience in the outdoors, they find a way to connect people with the places they love most, and they do so with a focus on reducing their environmental impact along the way. Making products with high-quality materials that are built to last, committing to repairing equipment instead of replacing it, and engaging in sustainable sourcing practices for all of the materials they use are just a few ways that NEMO ensures that your outdoor experiences continue to be meaningful for years to come.