NEMO Morpho 1P Pawprint

NEMO Morpho 1P Pawprint

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The NEMO Morpho 1P Pawprint is an excellent way to protect the floor of your tent and add a little comfort to your camping.  The Pawprint gives you a removable, washable layer of protection for when you take the family dog or get the inside of the tent muddy. If the weather is too hot for a sleeping bag, it also can be used as a soft surface to sleep on if you want to slide sleeping pads underneath to make a comfortable bed. 


  • Removable liner for the inside of a Nemo Morpho 1 tent
  • Dual function of protecting the tent floor from boots and paws, and of adding serious comfort
  • Made with a machine washable brushed fabric that is very soft to the touch
  • Sleeping pads can be placed between the Pawprint and tent floor to help them stay in place
  • With a Pawprint below, you might be able to save some weight and travel with a lighter sleeping bag or blanket


  • Material: Brushed Polyester
  • Minimum Weight: 1 lb 3.5 oz | 552 g

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