NEMO Losi 2P Gear Loft

NEMO Losi 2P Gear Loft - Used

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Need a place to stash your small items within reach while camping? The NEMO Losi 2P Gear Loft clips into your tent to give you a place to hang dry clothing or store your gear while you sleep. If you camp with cell phones, headlamps, or glasses, these are the ideal safe storage spot to stash your gear at the end of the day before enjoying adult beverages by the fire. 


  • Multiple pockets for stowing small things.
  • Can use for spreading clothes out to dry while you sleep.
  • Includes a Light Pocket™ to turn headlamp into tent lantern.
  • Hooks securely into Losi attachment points.


  • Minimum Weight: 1.9 oz | 54 g

Type: Return

Condition: 5 of 5 - New with damaged packaging.

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