Gregory Backpacks | Campman


When you’re searching for great outdoor gear to help you create the experience of a lifetime and take on some of life’s trials and tribulations along the way, it’s always nice to know that the people making those products actually use them too. We call that the Gregory factor.

Based out of Salt Lake City, the folks at Gregory have plenty of options for places to take their packs to put them to the test, meaning that nothing hits their shelves without being thoroughly vetted first. From smaller daypacks built with hikers and bikers in mind to packs created for week-long adventures, they have everything you need to live right out of your backpack. Their attention to detail has come to life through their unique fit geometry and their commitment to never recreating something that's already on the market letting Gregory stay ahead of the curve when it comes to carrying comfort. With a focus on design, every Gregory backpack is made to feel like an extension of your body, instead of a heavy burden to be lugged from point A to point B.