Airtube Ergo Cashmere - Black

Airhole Airtube Ergo Cashmere

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The Airtube Ergo Cashmere takes the traditional neck gaiter shape and contours it to the face for maximum comfort and protection. The super soft Cashmere and Merino wool blend provide natural, yet technical face protection that manages heat, wicks moisture, and prevents odors to keep you funk free. When conditions are constantly changing, this versatile piece can be worn as a neck gaiter, as a headband to keep your ears warm, or pulled up over your face to seal out the elements. The embroidered Airhole is comfortable against your face and allows your breath to escape freely, avoiding the buildup of condensation to keep you warm, dry and your goggles fog free.


  • Embroidered Airhole Mouthpiece
  • UPF 50+ for 98% Sun Protection
  • Ergonomic Shape Contours to the Face
  • Super Soft, Luxurious Fabric Blend
  • Cashmere & Merino Wool Fabric
  • Highly Technical Natural Fibre Insulator & Weather Resistor
  • Natural, Renewable, Biodegradable & Breathable
  • Multi-Functional Design - Wearable in Multiple Ways

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