Wild Tribute Yeti Men's T-Shirt

Wild Tribute Yeti Men's T-Shirt


We all know the Yeti exists in the snowy, mountain peaks of the world. The question is, what is it doing up there? Wild Tribute's Yeti T-Shirt finally got to the bottom of this age-old question with this never before seen imagery. Busy stealing your powder and snaking everyone else's lines, the Yeti got sick of waking up earlier than everyone else and decided to simply live to where you ski the most. Next time you wonder who got first turns, you'll know exactly who to blame.


  • Ridiculously soft poly-cotton blend is great for adventure
  • Wild Tribute donates 4% of their proceeds to support National Parks and public lands
  • Artwork inspired by the great outdoors


  • Standard fit
  • Poly-Cotton Blend: 60% Combed Ringspun Cotton and 40% Polyester

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