Petzl | Campman


Good gear always starts with a passion, and in the case of Fernand Petzl, that passion was for caving. And when your passion involves rappelling deep into the chasms of the world, exploring in the dark, and potentially finding some things you don't like down there, there’s a good chance that you’ll find yourself wanting the best ropes, rappel devices, ascenders, and lighting that money can buy. Since Monsieur Petzl had a knack for craftsmanship, he decided to put his hand to making his own caving equipment, leading to the foundation of Petzl in 1975.

Today, Petzl’s equipment can be found thousands of feet below or above ground all across the globe. By continuing to make products based on passion, Petzl has remained at the forefront of equipment built for the vertical world with unique designs like the Grigri belay device, innovative technologies like Reactiv lighting, and meticulous attention to detail in their climbing harnesses. When it comes to gear and equipment for caving, climbing and everything in between, Petzl has what you need to keep exploring.