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Black Diamond LiteWire Rackpack


It's tough to grab the right cam off of your harness when your racking carabiners are all the same color. Save yourself some pump with the Black Diamond LiteWire Rackpack. Six color-coded carabiners match up perfectly with your Camalot camming devices, making it easy to distinguish which cam is which, even when you're awkwardly hanging halfway out of a crack. The LiteWire carabiner is designed to hold a nylon sling perfectly while remaining lightweight and small on your harness or gear rack, and the wiregate construction makes clipping a breeze, even when the pump clock is ticking. 


  • A trad climbing carabiner that pairs well with any rack and any rock
  • Hot-forged construction drops weight where possible while remaining durable
  • Wire gate design is easy to clip and stamps out gate flutter
  • Large basket spreads out rope wear for increased durability
  • Colored-coded carabiners match the Black Diamond Camalots


  • Carabiner Quantity: 6
  • Weight: [Single] - 1.3 oz; [Pack] - 6.77 oz
  • Closed Gate Strength: 24 kN
  • Open Gate Strength: 8 kN
  • Minor Axis Strength: 8 kN
  • Gate Opening: 23 mm