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Price Match Guarantee

Looking for the best possible deal on a piece of sweet new gear? We totally understand. Here's what we will need from you to honor your price match request:

  • The brand, color, size, and model year (if applicable) of the product.
  • The competitor's website URL or print ad that displays the product pricing.
  • The final price of the product including all shipping and handling charges that you are asking us to match.

The Rules

  • The price being matched must be from a US based manufacturer or authorized dealer.
  • Price matching only applies to currently published competitor pricing. Submitted requests that are expired or cannot be verified via URL will not be honored.
  • The product must be identical to ours. This includes size, color, options, condition, and model year.
  • We will not price match products on eBay, affiliate sites, auctions, or liquidation pricing.
  • Price matching applies to new, in stock gear only. We will not price match refurbished, used, out of stock, open box, or clearance products.
  • Price matching cannot be combined with coupons or other offers. This includes bundled promotions, BOGO (buy one, get one), general non-specific % off sales, or similar offers.
  • Price matching does not apply to data entry errors. If a competitor is selling a $500 tent for $50, it's between you and your conscience if you want to buy it, but we're staying out of it.
  • Price matching does not apply to previously delivered orders. Orders shipped within the 30 day return window will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

To request a price match, please contact with the product name, price, and listing URL for the item. If the request matches the criteria above, we'll happily hook you up.