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The difficulty of staying properly nourished while camping has led to more than a few bouts of hanger that could have been easily avoided, especially with the right camping stove. Fortunately for all of us campers and glampers, Jetboil is all about getting you good food while you’re at the campsite and making sure you don’t have to wait for it. 

In 2001, backpackers Dwight Aspinwall and Perry Dowst decided they were fed up with the options they had for cooking meals on the trail. They wanted something packable, lightweight, and with the ability to cook a great tasting meal on the go. The result? The first-ever Jetboil stove with FluxRing technology that allowed them to go fast and light, but still boil water in just over two minutes.

Today, Jetboil has expanded its products to include cookware for car campers and backpackers alike with a full line of compact cook systems, high-efficiency JetPower fuel canisters, and even coffee press adapters, so coffee snobs can enjoy the outdoors too.