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Flylow Gear

It can be hard to find ski gear that has a unique style, is durable enough to last for more than one season, and has all of the features that you need for the resort and for the backcountry. Back in 2005, Flylow founders Greg Steen and Dan Abrams had the same problem you do, so they decided to start their own ski apparel company with the goal of making the best ski gear in the steeziest styles.

Fast forward to today, with Flylow Gear being at the forefront of technical apparel not only in the ski and snowboard industry, but also in the worlds of mountain biking, wake surfing, and camping. Well-known for their unique designs and tough gear, you’ll see their logo on the tram, in the park, at locals only backcountry stashes and on your new favorite ski jacket from Mt.Baker to Sugarloaf, but Flylow didn’t stop there. They teamed up with non-profit and community organizations like Protect Our Winters, the Tahoe Backcountry Alliance, and the High Fives Foundation to make customized products to raise money for good causes. So now you can get that new ski outfit and feel good knowing that your purchase helps Flylow help others.