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Black Diamond MiniWire Rackpack


Going ultralight with a bunch of metal-based equipment is no easy task, but climbers like to do it anyway, so Black Diamond decided to give the gram counters something to talk about with the MiniWire Rackpack. As the lightest, fully functional carabiner in the impressive BD lineup, the MiniWire Carabiner weighs in at less than an ounce while boasting an impressive 20 kN closed gate strength, which is enough that you could hang a mid-sized sedan from it without breaking a sweat. Color-coded to match the Black Diamond Camalot camming devices, these carabiners are the perfect companion for long adventures where shaving weight is of the utmost importance.


  • Black Diamond's lightest and smallest climbing carabiner
  • Hot-forged construction drops weight where possible while remaining durable
  • Wire gate design is easy to clip and stamps out gate flutter
  • Colored-coded carabiners match the Black Diamond Camalots


  • Carabiner Quantity: 6
  • Weight: [Single] - 0.81 oz; [Pack] - 4.87 oz
  • Closed Gate Strength: 20 kN
  • Open Gate Strength: 7 kN
  • Minor Axis Strength: 7 kN
  • Gate Opening: 21 mm