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Geyser Interchangeable Scrub Sponges

MSRP: $9.95
(You save $1.00 )

Have Fun, Stay Clean

Soak up the sun, and then soak up the dirt, with the Geyser Systems Interchangeable Scrub Sponges that are made of 100% natural cellulose to keep your hygiene as natural as possible. Every scrub has a soft side (aww!), but these scrubs also contain a coarse side, for when you need a little more elbow grease for the dirt in the creases. Reinforced with an antimicrobial treatment, these scrubs last longer than the old ones lurking under your sink, and are easily stored in the resealable bag that comes with the scrub. Having fun in the dirt doesn’t mean you have to stay dirty, and with these scrubs, you can keep your campsite and your body feeling refreshed throughout your whole backcountry experience.


  • 100% natural cellulose scrub for a refreshing feel
  • Coarse and soft sides of scrub for more cleaning options
  • Adjustable flow whether you’re washing dishes, showering, or cleaning gear
  • Antimicrobial Reinforcement to prolong the life of each sponge
  • Built to last 2-6+ months with regular use
  • Resealable Storage Bag to minimize waste and stow away easily


  • Weight: 0.2 lbs
  • Dimensions: 4 × 1 × 6 in
  • Material: Natural Cellulose
  • Colors: Green, Pink, Yellow