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DMM Trad Chalk Bag


Chalk on Chalk

It's no secret that climbers blow through chalk. Some of us have sweaty palms, others chalk up constantly when they get nervous, and for still others, it's just something to do while sitting at the belay. Whatever your reason, the DMM Trad Chalk Bag is for you. Holding more than enough chalk for even the longest routes, the Trad Chalk Bag is larger than the average, and the solid drawstring action ensures that you won't get to the base of the route to find four ounces of chalk in the bottom of your backpack and all over your gear.


  • Fill up this large chalk bag for long trad and multi-pitch adventures
  • Stiff opening makes for easy access to chalk
  • Drawcord closure keeps chalk from flying out all over your house
  • Integrated brush holder on the side
  • Zippered side pocket keeps your keys safe on the climb


  • Best Use: Sport Climbing, Trad Climbing, Bouldering
  • Weight: 3.63 oz