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DMM Ceros Carabiner

$23.95 - $29.95

More Climbing, Less Cross-Loading

As great as the Petzl Grigri is, it still can't help but find itself on the wrong side of the carabiner from time to time, which is exactly why DMM made the Ceros Carabiner. A built-in horn on the spine stops cross-loading before it begins, while an internal wiregate keeps the carabiner oriented correctly on your belay loop at all times. Easy to use with one hand no matter which locking style you choose (screwgate, kwiklock, or locksafe), the Ceros is one locking carabiner that goes well with any rack.


  • A heavy-duty locking carabiner for all things climbing
  • Internal wiregate opens downward to keep it in place on the belay loop
  • Pronounced horn on the spine stops belay devices from cross-loading the carabiner
  • Full section top bar provides consistent handling
  • Keylock nose won't catch on gear, slings, or bolts
  • I-Beam construction cuts weight without reducing strength


  • Best Use: Rock Climbing
  • Weight: [Screwgate] - 3.03 oz; [Kwiklock] - 3.25 oz; [Locksafe] - 3.28 oz
  • Closed Gate Strength: 25kN
  • Open Gate Strength: 7kN
  • Minor Axis Strength: 7kN
  • Gate Opening: [Screwgate] - 20mm; [Kwiklock/Locksafe] - 19mm