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DMM Phantom HMS Carabiner

$17.95 - $25.95


Your belays just got a little easier with the DMM Phantom HMS Carabiner, a locking carabiner with a short gate and a large top bar, offering more space for gear and ropes at the anchor. If your confused about what HMS means, it stands for Halbmastwurfsicherung. Still confused? So is everyone else who doesn't speak German, but essentially any HMS carabiner is designed to handle a Munter Hitch easily, letting you head up the tower feeling confident that even if you drop your ATC off the top, you'll still be able to get down.


  • HMS-style locking carabiner for belaying and rappelling
  • Locking design prevents the gate from opening under load
  • Large rope bearing surface can handle two clove hitches at once
  • Short gate provides more space inside the carabiner for gear, slings, and ropes
  • Wide, symmetrical top works well with a Munter Hitch


  • Best Use: Rock Climbing
  • Weight: [Screwgate] - 1.98 oz; [Kwiklock] - 2.15 oz; [Locksafe] - 2.19 oz
  • Closed Gate Strength: 25kN
  • Open Gate Strength: 7kN
  • Minor Axis Strength: 9kN
  • Gate Opening: [Screwgate] - 20mm; [Kwiklock/Locksafe] - 19mm