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CAMP Ball Nut


Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

When modern micro cams just won’t stick and pitons aren’t an option, CAMP Ball Nuts are your new best friends and the smallest active protection in the world. Ball Nuts are your best assets for thin, parallel cracks, whether you want to take the stress out of upward progress or simply keep your climbing clean. Color-coded for fast identification and organization, these secret weapons keep it simple on your harness and on the wall. With a narrow profile, this handy piece of pro fits shallow cracks, pin scars, and smaller flares than your small cams, and won’t weigh you down if you rack up with more than one. When the options get slim, and the crack doesn’t just hand it to you, trad and aid climbers alike will want these in their quiver for all the sending potential.


  • Color-coded for quick organization
  • Narrow depth for shallow cracks
  • Lightweight for efficiency on the wall


  • Best Use: Trad Climbing
  • Weight: [1] - 1.1 oz; [2] - 1.4 oz; [3] - 1.7 oz; [4] - 2.0 oz; [5] - 2.5 oz
  • Range: [1] - 0.11”-0.23”; [2] - 0.17”-0.35”; [3] - 0.23”-0.47”; [4] - 0.31”-0.55”; [5] - 0.41”-0.70”
  • Strength: [1-5] - 8 kN