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CAMP Nano 22 Carabiner

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Stronger Than Ever

The CAMP Nano 22 Carabiner just keeps getting better. Redesigned to be 1 kN stronger in all three strength ratings and weighing in at only 22 grams (0.77 oz), it will give you one more reason to skip leg day. Apart from being one of the lightest carabiners available to climbers, it doesn’t skimp on usability. Coming in all the colors of the most popular cams, you won’t miss the right size when you're on the sharp end. The Nano 22 boasts a deeper basket for holding ropes in the ideal orientation, and enough space to tie in clove hitches with any size rope or for easier clipping. A profiled nose that streamlines clipping the chains, as well as a refined gate, the Nano continues to be a climber favorite for those fast and light ascents without compromising functionality.


  • One of the lightest weight carabiners available to climbers
  • Redesigned to be even stronger
  • Large basket for the whole range of ropes or knots
  • Available in 8 colors and a new bright finish to match with cam colors


  • Weight: 0.8 oz
  • Height: 3.38”
  • Width: 2.04”
  • Gate Opening: 0.82”
  • Strength: Major Axis - 21 kN; Minor Axis - 8 kN; Open Gate - 9 kN