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Black Diamond 9.0 Static Rope


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Built To Haul

When your multi pitch route involves meal planning and a portaledge, you’re going to need an effective way to haul your gear, and the Black Diamond 9.0 Static Rope fits the bill perfectly. This mid-diameter static rope was designed with Yosemite’s big walls in mind, which means that it strikes an ideal balance between trustworthy reliability and the lightness you’ll need for hauling pitch after pitch, day after day. Of course, that also makes it handy for rappelling in a pinch. And since it weighs about 40% less than the burly Black Diamond 10.0 Static Rope, you’ll be saving energy everywhere from the approach to the haul.


  • Midweight static rope for use as a tagline or hauling up extra gear
  • 65m length is perfect for rappelling with a 60m dynamic rope 
  • Minimal stretch allows for easy hauling


  • Rope Type: Static Type A Low Stretch Kernmantel Rope
  • Weight Per Meter: 39.8 g
  • Length: 65m