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Black Diamond 9.6 Bi-Pattern Dry Climbing Rope


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Easy Choice

You’ll never have to second guess whether you packed the right rope when you have the Black Diamond 9.6 Bi-Pattern Dry Climbing Rope in your haul bag. It just might be Black Diamond’s most versatile rope, owing to the 9.6mm diameter, which is burly without being unduly heavy, and its dry construction, which protects both the core and the sheath from getting soaked. And to make it even better, it gets a bi-pattern design that makes it almost impossible to misidentify which half of the rope you’re working with. From damp Squamish granite to sunbaked Indian Creek sandstone to your local climbing gym, this is a rope that does it all without compromise.


  • Versatile climbing rope for gym and outdoor use
  • 9.6mm diameter gives durability without excessive weight
  • Dry construction protects the sheath and the core from water ingress
  • Bi-pattern weave makes it easy to identify the middle of the rope


  • Rope Type: Dynamic Single 
  • UIAA Factor Falls: 6
  • Weight Per Meter: 64 g 
  • Sheath: 2x2 Woven Sheath
  • Waterproof: UIAA Dry
  • Half Mark: Bi-Pattern weave
  • Recommended Use: Trad and sport climbing