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Orvis Hydros Fly Reel

$259.00 - $289.00

The Pursuit of Perfection

The new and improved Orvis Hydros Reel took everything you loved about Hydros models of the past and gave the components an upgrade while trimming the fat off where possible. The result? A lightweight, large arbor fly reel that's more durable and consistent than ever before. Here's the breakdown. Switching to aircraft-grade aluminum dropped the weight significantly, while still retaining the strength and durability you know and love. A fully-sealed drag clutch bearing protects your drag system, while the radiused reel foot keeps your line from kinking up. For fine-tuning on the go, the Hydros still features a positive click adjustment system, letting you fish for a variety of species, all on the same fly reel.


  • Lighter weight, large arbor reel pairs well with light fly rods
  • Upgraded sealed disc drag system protects the clutch bearing
  • Improved reel foot reduces kinks in the line
  • Redesigned drag-knob is easier to use than ever before
  • Large arbor design retrieves large amounts of line quickly


  • Best Use: Fly Fishing
  • Drag System: Fully Sealed Disc
  • Line Weight: [I] - 1-3 WT; [II] - 3-5 WT; [III] - 5-7 WT; [IV] - 7-9 WT; [V] - 9-11 WT
  • Weight: [I] - 4.7 oz; [II] - 5 oz; [III] - 5.5 oz; [IV] - 6.6 oz;[V] - 7.7 oz
  • Diameter: [I] - 3.1"; [II] - 3.4"; [III] - 3.7"; [IV] - 4"; [V] - 4.25"