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Scientific Anglers Absolute Trout Leader 3 Pack


Land Your Trout

From browns to rainbows, coast to coast, you’ll be glad you packed a Scientific Anglers Absolute Trout Leader 3 Pack along for the trip. Designed specifically for trout, with heavy butt diameters for accurate deliveries and a supple fore end to minimize drag on drifts, this leader maximizes your odds of hooking the fish you’ve been after. It’s made with SA’s proprietary copolymer blend, which gives you unrivaled strength, as well as a soft outer sheath that allows your knots to set securely. And since you get three per pack, you’ll have a spare to give to your buddy, or as a backup when you’re miles from the truck and you’re not ready to pack it in.


  • Top quality leader designed specifically for trout fishing
  • Heavy butt diameters for power and precise delivery
  • Supple material reduces drag for drifts
  • Class leading wet knot strength to help you land your fish
  • Eco friendly, paper based recyclable packaging


  • Best Use: Fly Fishing, Trout Fishing
  • Material: Nylon copolymer
  • Length: 9'
  • Leaders Per Pack: 3
  • Tippet Diameter: [6X] - 0.005", [5X] - 0.006", [4X] - 0.007", [3X] - 0.008", [2X] - 0.009", [1X] - 0.010"
  • Butt Diameter:  [6X] - 0.023", [5X] - 0.023", [4X] - 0.024", [3X] - 0.024", [2X] - 0.025", [1X] - 0.025"
  • Break Strength:  [6X] - 3.5 lbs, [5X] - 5.9 lbs, [4X] - 7.4 lbs, [3X] - 9.0 lbs, [2X] - 11.2 lbs, [1X] - 13.9 lbs