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Scientific Anglers Absolute Trout Tippet 100m

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There are times that it’s best to have more of a good thing, as evidenced by the larger Scientific Anglers Absolute Trout Tippet 100m spool. Giving you more than three times the tippet as the standard 30m size, this handy spool gives you more than enough tippet to avoid the fly shop between jaunts into your favorite sections of water. While you’re there, you’ll enjoy all of the suppleness and durability that have made Scientific Anglers a staple of discerning fly fishers, and you’ll have extra to share in case your buddy packed inferior tippet for the trip.


  • Class leading trout tippet in a larger 100m spool
  • Copolymer blend reduces water absorption while remaining supple
  • High wet-knot strength compared to previous models
  • Silicone band stops damage from UV exposure
  • Attached tippet cutter on the spool


  • Best Use: Fly Fishing, Trout Fishing
  • Diameter: [3X] - 0.008", [4X] - 0.007", [5X] - 0.006", [6X] - 0.005"
  • Break Strength: [3X] - 9 lbs, [4X] - 7.4 lbs, [5X] - 5.9 lbs, [6X] - 3.5 lbs
  • Length: 100m