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Black Ascension Nylon Climbing Skin


Going Up

If you’re tired of slipping on the skin track, the Black Diamond Ascension Nylon Climbing Skins are the solution you’re after. Made from 100% nylon, these skins deliver more grip than 100% mohair or mohair/nylon blended skins, making them perfect for the steepest, slickest skin tracks around. The trade off is glide, which is respectable, but less efficient than the aforementioned alternatives. But when you find yourself in no-fall situations, whether you’re traversing an exposed ridgeline or traveling above a questionable face, the added traction translates into confidence, which is absolutely critical. If you do most of your touring in steep areas with tons of exposure, or you’re chasing spring laps on faces that alternate between sunny slush and icy shadows, these will make your tour safer and up your odds of success.


  • Climbing skins built from nylon for maximum traction and durability
  • Fixed tip and tail attachments for reliability 
  • Adjustable tip loop accommodates different skis


  • Best Use: Ski Touring
  • Material: Nylon
  • Width: 133 mm
  • 157 - 168 cm: 689g (24oz)
  • 163 - 174 cm: 713g (25oz)
  • 169 - 180 cm: 737g (26oz)
  • 175 - 186 cm: 761g (27oz)
  • 181 - 192 cm: 785g (28oz)