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Contour Hybrid Pure 135 Climbing Skins

MSRP: $219.95
Was: $219.95
Now: $164.94
(You save $55.01 )

Effortless Glide

If you’re looking to cover ground on your next approach with maximum efficiency, the Contour Hybrid Pure 135 Climbing Skins would be a smart addition to your touring gear. They’re made from 100% mohair, for maximum glide and predictable grip on all but the steepest and iciest skin tracks. The Hybrid designation refers to Contour’s proprietary dual-layer adhesive, which pairs a traditional adhesive with a middle layer that’s sandwiched between the base and the skin, resulting in superior durability when compared to traditional single-adhesive skin construction. The result is lasting grip that keeps sticking after multiple runs, and can be refreshed by simply cleaning the adhesive. Plus, they’re lightweight and easily packable, which completes a package that’s trusted by many of the most experienced skiers in the backcountry.


  • High performance climbing skins made with 100% pure mohair
  • Mohair offers maximum glide for efficiency on the skin track
  • Hybrid adhesive technology enhances longevity as compared to traditional glues
  • Cutter included for customized fit on your skis
  • Adhesive should be cleaned regularly to renew grip
  • If you need maximum traction, consider the Hybrid Mix Climbing Skin


  • Best Use: Ski Touring
  • Width: 135mm
  • Ski Length (M): 161-168cm
  • Ski Length (L): 169-176cm
  • Ski Length (XL): 177-184cm
  • Materials: [Skins] 100% Mohair; [Clips] Composite and Steel