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Petzl GRIGRI+ Belay Device


More Durable, More Reliable

Designed as an enhancement to what is arguably the most popular belay device on the planet, the Petzl GRIGRI + is even more durable and beginner friendly, making it perfect for new climbers and guiding. Like the original, its cam-assisted design will catch a falling climber when used correctly. Unlike the original, there’s an anti-panic feature. If the belayer pulls the handle too hard, the device will arrest the descent of the climber, minimizing the risk of an accident for an inexperienced belayer. Additionally, it gets a steel lip, which is longer lasting than the aluminum lip on the original. That combination of factors makes it perfect for handing to newer climbers, especially when you’re trusting them to keep you safe.


  • Petzl’s classic cam-assisted belay device updated with useful safety features
  • Anti-panic handle is ideal for teaching newbies how to safely belay
  • Reinforced steel lip extends lifespan
  • Adjustable camming tension switches between top rope and lead mode
  • Compatible with a wide range of climbing rope diameters
  • While the device is an assisted-braking option, proper belay techniques should be followed including always keeping a hand on the brake side of the rope


  • Weight: 200 g
  • Rope compatibility: 8.5 mm to 11 mm Single Rope
  • Material: Aluminum side plates, Stainless steel cam, friction plate, and wear plate, Reinforced nylon handle
  • Certification: CE EN 15151-1, UKCA, UIAA
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 3 Years