Camp Fever - Part I: The Diagnosis

Camp Fever - Part I: The Diagnosis

Posted by Collin B. on 26th Feb 2017

I've got a fever

You’re not alone. We understand and we’re here to help.

“Camp Fever” can be exhausting and very distracting this time of year. We all get it in some fashion, but not everyone catches it in time. We are hopeful that our list of symptoms can help you diagnose the condition early on, and with some help from Campman, defeat it!

No matter how serious it is for you, we are here to help and we understand. Until now however, not everyone had the help they needed. In fact, it's my own self-diagnosis that has led me to reaching out to fellow patients in need.

Every year as March peaks over the warm horizon, I start day-dreaming of all the fun stuff to do when spring arrives and winter fades away. Here in the “cold weather” states, spring never seems to just "arrive". Every year it sticks it’s tongue out at us a few times throughout February and then, just as we get all “antsy-in-the-pantsy” about the warmer weather, open trails, flowing rivers and more, winter comes back and swallows us up. It happens every freakin’ year. EVERY. FREAKIN. YEAR.

This year has been no different except for the fact that my illness has been much more intolerable and severe. I’m guessing it’s because I’ve been working a lot more and my wife and I have spent most of the winter moving the family. Add a new baby into our family and well, I've been left with a lot fewer days out and about this winter. You might add in as well the fact that through December and January we had multiple week stretches where the temperatures barely hit the single digits and many days where we never saw it even get to zero. Finally, throw in the recent two-week heatwave of 50+ degree days and I realize that I’ve got a fever. I’ve got a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell!

Ok, so maybe more cowbell isn’t going to do anything for my Camp Fever, but who didn’t want a reminder of and link to that classic SNL skit?!?

Anyways, now that I know what my illness is, I can begin to put together a prescription to cure it. A prescription that won't just help myself, but you as well. A prescription intended for all those who suffer from any or all of the symptoms below. A prescription that can and will cure this dreaded illness when followed correctly. 

Now, you'll have to wait until next week to see what I prescribe and I know that may be tough. However, I can't just carelessly write a prescription without fully understanding the symptoms and how they affect not only us who suffer, but our loved ones as well. I promise you this though, you will be singing the praises of Campman by the time your first camping trip of the spring comes along. 

Until next week, please take the time to correctly diagnose your illness by reviewing the symptoms below

Remember, we’re here because we care.

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