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Gear Review: Flylow Women’s Foxy vs Moxie Ski Bibs

Gear Review: Flylow Women’s Foxy vs Moxie Ski Bibs

Posted by Karsyn Ansari on 25th May 2022

Bibs. They’re all the rage at the ski resort or the backcountry. You’re probably reading this article because A: you’ve finally decided you’re sick of getting snow down your pants, or B: you’re sick of wearing your mom’s old one-piece from the 80s.

Woman unzipping a ski jacket to reveal the Flylow Women's Moxie Bib

Either way, you’ve decided to go full send on a pair of ski bibs (beanies off to you). You even went as far as landing on a brand (Flylow, of course, because you want both style and functionality), but then things went haywire. You stumbled upon the Foxy and the Moxie—two of the best bibs in the biz—only to find that they seem very similar. Trust me, I’ve been there, and since I’ve tested both pairs, I’m here to save you many hours of research to help you land the best bibs for you.

Who Are These Ski Bibs For?

The main benefit of ski bibs over pants is the coverage—the one-piece design and high front keep snow out. However, not all bibs are made the same. Some pairs are crafted from heavy, burly fabric and are best suited for the ski resort, where warmth, durability, and weather protection take precedence over light weight and breathability. Then, there are bibs designed specifically for backcountry ski touring, where temperature regulation, stretch, and articulation are key.

Woman carrying skis on her shoulder while wearing the Flylow Women's Foxy Bib

Both the Foxy and the Moxie bibs are designed for the skier who spends equal amounts of time riding chairlifts as they do on the skintrack. These bibs balance breathability and weather protection, stretch with durability, and functional features that don’t add unnecessary weight or fuss. The Foxy and the Moxie are Jills of all trades, so if you like to diversify your riding, either pair will work.

That said, if you spend all your ski days riding chairlifts, I’d recommend going with a more resort-specific pair like Flylow’s Kimberly Bib. Likewise, if you have a sole passion for steep skinners, backcountry solitude, and fresh pow, then take a look at the Siren Bib.

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Foxy V. Moxie At A Glance

Flylow Foxy and Moxie comparison Chart

Foxy Fabric

Have you ever had a pair of ski pants that were so stiff they could stand up on their own? That’s not the Foxy—or the Moxie, for that matter. At first touch, Flylow’s Tactic 3-layer material feels so sturdy you think it’s your typical hardshell material, but it has quite a bit of stretch, too.

Up close detail of the outer leg vent zipper on the Flylow Foxy Bib

I’m always skeptical when brands tout their three-layer fabrics as “softshell” because it often doesn’t have enough stretch to actually be comfortable. But when I first put on the Foxy, I was pleasantly surprised with how light and pliable the material felt. I can do a full butt-to-the-ground squat wearing my thickest pair of baselayer pants underneath and not feel like these bibs are going to burst at the seams.

Moxie Fabric

While the Moxie sports the same stretchy Tactic 3-layer fabric as the Foxy throughout most of the bib, the thighs and seat are made of Surface 3-layer fabric. The difference between these two materials? Surface is labeled as 150-denier, compared to Tactic’s 100-denier.

Woman sitting in the snow wearing the Flylow Moxie Bib

If you’re not familiar with the term, denier refers to roughly how many yarns are in each thread—fabric with a higher denier is more durable. More rugged fabric in high-wear areas like the thighs and seat area means the Moxie is more resistant to wipeouts and accidental encounters with tree branches.

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Though the Foxy and the Moxie have nearly all the same features, the Moxie has a few additional elements that might be nice to have if you’re leaning towards more days in the backcountry—namely articulated knees, a beacon attachment loop in the right thigh pocket, and reinforced fabric in high-wear areas.

Foxy V. Moxie Feature Comparison

Flylow Foxy and Moxie Bib features comparison chart

Waterproofing & Breathability

Both the Tactic fabric, which makes up all of the Foxy and some of the Moxie, and the Surface fabric, which makes up the knee and seat reinforcements of the Moxie, have a 20k/20k waterproof/breathability rating.

A 20k waterproof rating is on the high end of the scale and typically means the fabric can withstand intense precipitation for a prolonged period—think snow so heavy you’re getting free refills on every run. As someone who likes to spend hours in both the resort and in the backcountry, I wouldn’t buy bibs with a lower waterproof rating than 20k.

Water beading off of the Moxie Bib's Intuitive Fabric

At 20k, the breathability rating on the Foxy and the Moxie is high, too. It’s one of the main characteristics of both bibs that contributes to their ability to perform on high-output tours or demanding laps at the resort.

Sizing & Fit

One of the key differences between the Foxy and the Moxie comes down to the fit. Flylow designed the Foxy to be slimmer in the leg for a more shapely aesthetic, while the Moxie has a more relaxed, freestyle-inspired vibe. Both bibs are available in three lengths—regular (30” inseam”), tall (32” inseam), and short (28” inseam).

I’m 5’ 7” with fairly long legs and weigh 125 lbs. I wore a small regular in both the Foxy and the Moxie, which is my usual size. Here are my thoughts on the sizing and fit of each bib.

Foxy Sizing & Fit

Sizing: Runs slightly small

While I ended up being able to make the size small work for me, the Foxy bibs run on the smaller side. I have muscular thighs, and the slimmer cut of these bibs is noticeable. The Foxy is slightly tight in my thigh and crotch area, although the shape is very flattering—no extra material anywhere. Because of how stretchy and light the fabric is, I can still layer, ski, and squat without discomfort, even despite the Foxy being tighter than I’d normally wear my ski bibs.

For reference, I did size up to a medium and found that they looked and felt much too big compared to the small. Whether you’re able to wear your normal size in these or you need to size up will likely depend on your shape. Based on my experience, I’d recommend trying your normal size and the next size up before making your final decision.

Overall, I think the Foxy has a flattering look, but if you prefer the extra room to move and layer, the Moxie is a better choice.

Side by side fit comparison of the Moxie and the Foxy Bibs

Moxie Sizing & Fit

Sizing: Runs true to size

The Moxie is designed to have more of a relaxed fit, and that’s apparent in the sizing as well. I wore a size small in this pair, too, and it was spot on. The cut is baggier in the leg than the Foxy, which gave me plenty of room to layer, ski, and move around without feeling any tightness like I did in the Foxy. Though not as shapely, the Moxie is still flattering, and I didn’t look like I was wearing my boyfriend’s bibs. All in all, I prefer the Moxie simply because I don’t have to give up room and comfort to look good in my bibs.

Foxy & Moxie Bust Fit

One of the main complaints I hear about bibs from fellow lady shredders is that brands aren’t cognizant of crafting the upper portion of the bibs to comfortably accommodate a diverse range of chest sizes. With the Foxy and the Moxie, it’s not bibs or bust. Because of the adjustability of the suspenders, the wide stretch panel in the back of the bibs, and the stretchy Tactic material throughout, Flylow did a decent job of thinking this issue through when designing the Foxy and the Moxie.

I will say, however, if you wear a small or a medium in the bibs and you have, say, a C-cup or larger, you might feel like your chest is being flattened. I sincerely hope Flylow and other skiwear brands continue to improve their offerings for the wide range of body types out there, but in the meantime, I hope reviews like this can offer some helpful fit context for female skiers trying to find performance outerwear.

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