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How to Apply Hestra Leather Balm

How to Apply Hestra Leather Balm

Posted by Dan Goodman on 9th Dec 2019

There’s little worse than finding yourself halfway through a blower day of skiing powder at the resort, sitting on the chairlift, and trying to stop your soaked through gloves from dying your hands some unnatural color. Without proper care, even the most well-made ski and snowboard gloves wear out thanks to countless binding adjustments and unfavorable encounters with tree branches, ski edges, and boot buckles. Fortunately, there’s an easy solution and it comes in the form of Hestra’s Leather Balm. This leather glove treatment comes attached to compatible Hestra Sport Gloves in a small pouch that will work for one application, but with heavy use, you’ll want to apply a coating of Leather Balm to the outside of your leather gloves at least once a year to prolong their life span.

When To Apply Leather Balm

Apply at least once a season or whenever your gloves start to dry out, to reduce wear and tear on your winter gloves and to dramatically increase water-resistance, so you never end up with pruney fingers again after a day on the slopes.

How To Apply 

Start by putting on a single glove, which will make it easier to apply the balm in a uniform manner. Using a polishing cloth or microfiber towel, apply a light, even coat to all leather surfaces including any creases and seams. Make sure to focus on any areas that tend to see a lot of wear such as in between the fingers and on the fingertips of your gloves. Upon application, light-colored gloves may darken slightly. For best results, heat your gloves before and after applying the leather balm for a short time using a hairdryer, clothes dryer, or oven on low heat (approximately 150°F) which will help the leather absorb the balm. Remember, the goal is to warm your gloves slightly, not to cook them.

When finished hang your gloves to dry, preferably for at least 12 hours before use.

This article applies for all cowhide and sheepskin gloves and all gloves in Hestra’s Sport Line, but Hestra does not recommend using Leather Balm on deerskin, elk leather, peccary, carpincho or hair sheep gloves as these leather types will not absorb the balm.

How Often To Apply

By applying the leather balm before you notice signs of the leather drying out or cracking, you will extend the life of your gloves, restore waterproofing, and keep them feeling supple and smooth. This useful balm is perfect for any goatskin or cowhide leather gloves and is not limited to Hestra’s models only. Similarly, there are plenty of other products out there that offer leather waterproofing such as Sno-Seal, but after hearing on good authority that it can dissolve the stitching on some gloves, we say stick with Hestra. Grab a tin for yourself and feel the Hestra difference.

About the Author

Dan Goodman

Most of the year, Dan can be found chasing the best climbing conditions he can get his hands on, and in the dead of winter, he’ll settle for chasing powder on his snowboard. He’s constantly seeking out better gear, testing new climbing shoes, backpacks, sleeping bags, and more to make his life in the outdoors a bit more comfortable. When he’s not outside putting his gear to good use, he’s writing about the products that he knows best.

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