Support of Our Public Lands

Support of Our Public Lands

Posted by Collin B. on 19th Jan 2017

We here at Campman fully understand the love, passion and most importantly, the need for public lands. From backpacking and camping to skiing, fishing, hunting, climbing, biking, conservation and so much more, lands set aside for EVERYONE to enjoy is one of the most beautiful and amazing things about America.

Campman has joined hundreds of other large and small businesses in the outdoor industry in voicing our support for public lands across the United States. The issue is not red or blue, but one that affects the lives of ALL Americans. We look forward to, enjoy, celebrate and love every moment we are fortunate enough to spend outdoors and those feelings carry over into our business and each interaction with you; our customers and fellow outdoor enthusiasts.

The outdoor industry contributes more than $650 billion annually to the U.S. economy and helps to make the lives of everyday Americans healthier and happier. We are extremely proud to be a part of this industry and more importantly the outdoor community.

Attached to this post is an open letter to our elected officials and those who value America's great outdoors. The letter was signed by our CEO, Chris Holt and has the full support of our entire Campman Crew. As recreationalists, nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts and proud Americans, we invite you to join the cause and reach out to your elected officials on behalf of the lands we love and all those we share them with. You can use this link from to email your elected officials directly. 

Campman's Open Letter to Elected Officials Regarding Public Lands

We hope that the next generation will be as fortunate as past generations and ours have been in having open, public lands to roam on and care for.

Thank you and we'll see you in the backcountry.

Chris Holt and the Campman Crew