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Which Flylow Bibs are Right for Me?

Which Flylow Bibs are Right for Me?

Posted by Garson Fields on 2nd Dec 2020

Although Flylow Gear is known for plenty of products, like the Tough Guy Gloves or the Lab Coat, the independent brand cemented its status among serious skiers and snowboarders with its hard wearing bib pants.

The Baker bib, in particular, has achieved iconic status for its blend of legendary ruggedness, comfortable fit, and function-focused design. And while it still anchors Flylow’s outerwear line, this year, there are more bib options than ever, and each one fills a specific niche.

Bibs are a popular choice for powder days, as they provide more coverage and protection from snow than normal ski pants. But far from being a pow day novelty, they’re the daily driver choice for plenty of skiers who appreciate the unrestricted feel that they offer on the mountain.

With so many options, you may find yourself feeling a little bit overwhelmed. If so, this article is here to shed some light on the best model for your ski season.

We’ve separated bibs by intended use, focusing on durable, non-insulated options for the backcountry or the resort, breathable touring-focused pieces that regulate temperature, and warm insulated bibs for the coldest days. Men’s and women’s bibs are listed together by intended use.


Built for durability and comfort when riding the lifts. These bibs are made from fabrics that prioritize wind resistance and ruggedness. However, because they skip the insulation, they’re still light enough for laps in the backcountry as well. That also means that your layering system will be critical for staying warm on the chairlift.

Men’s Baker Bib

This is the bib that kickstarted the Flylow revolution, and it’s still one of the most popular bibs in the lift line.

Flylow Baker Bib on Model

There are two big reasons that these are so popular. First, the fit is fantastic, being baggy without overdoing it, and showcasing Flylow’s signature articulated knees, which allow for unrestricted freedom of movement. The second is that they’re burly, making them a top choice for hundred-day seasons, tree skiing, and mountain ops.

The 20k/20k waterproof breathable rating gives these three-layer shell bibs serious weather protection, and they’re still light enough for touring and hiking. If you want a proven classic that lives up to the hype, this is it.

Men’s Tannen Bib

If you like the support of bibs, but you don’t like the extra heat they can hold in your core, these are worth your consideration.

Tannen Bib on Model

The Tannen splits the difference between the low cut of ski pants and the suspender style support of bibs. The suspenders are non-removable, which ensures that they’re not going anywhere, even if you yard sale. Plus, they’re built with Flylow’s stretch Stormshell Intuitive™ fabric, which gives you more freedom to move without sacrificing the top tier 20k/20k waterproof breathable rating.

Men’s Firebird Bib

This is Flylow’s value-oriented option, which saves you a significant chunk of change while retaining most of the features that make the Baker so great.

Firebird Bib on Model

Like the Baker, these have a dialed-in baggy fit and articulated knees, which gives you plenty of room to move. Where they differ from the Baker is in the material, which is still a 3-layer fabric for ruggedness but sacrifices some waterproofness and breathability. The signature fit and robust construction make these a smart choice if you’re sticking to a budget.

Women’s Foxy Bib

You could think of the Foxy as Flylow’s female-specific alternative to the Baker, but the choice of fabric might make these even better than the aforementioned benchmark.

Foxy Bib

These bibs have a fit that’s flattering but still a bit baggy. The slimmer cut is enabled by Flylow’s 3-layer stretch Stormshell Intuitive™ fabric, offering a bit of added stretch that the men’s version doesn’t get. Even with the added stretch, you’re still getting full strength 20k/20k waterproof breathable protection, meaning you don’t give up one iota of function. And as a bonus, you get extra freedom to move.

It’s worth noting that the slim fit applies to the bib upper as well. If you typically find that slim fit tops are restrictive, the Moxie bib will be a better choice.

Women’s Moxie Bib

If you prefer a roomier freeride fit, the Moxie is the bib you want.

Moxie Bib

Like the Foxy, these are built using 3-layer stretch Stormshell Intuitive™ fabric with a 20k/20k waterproof breathable rating. You also get the same reinforced cuffs, articulated knees, and waterproof YKK zippers.

The only difference is fit. Take your pick between a slimmer style or a straight leg cut and know that either way, you’ll be getting one of the best women’s bibs ever built.

Backcountry Touring

Designed to keep you comfortable while earning your turns. These bibs are built from lightweight materials that prioritize temperature management and sweat-evacuating breathability to keep you from overheating on the skin track.

Men’s Smythe Bib

The full coverage fit of the Baker in a material that’s stretchy and ultra breathable.

Smythe Bib

Sure, you can crack the vents on the Baker, but if you prefer to skip the lift line and head straight for the skin track, the added breathability provided by the Smythe’s Intuitive™ Perm fabric will be easily appreciated on the approach. A high cut front keeps your chest from getting soaked by snow, even if you don’t like using your jacket’s powder skirt.

When you spend most of your season skinning, these are a smart choice.

Women’s Siren Bib

If you dedicate your entire season to earning your turns, these bibs are seriously badass.

Siren Bib

You might be noticing a trend, but the Flylow women’s bibs frequently get premium materials that give them a leg up over their men’s counterparts. Nowhere in the lineup is that more obvious than the Siren.

These are built with eVent fabric, which has a seriously impressive 30k waterproof rating, as well as 0.06 cmf air permeability. In other words, these are more waterproof than anything else in Flylow’s bib lineup, and they’re more breathable too. They’re designed specifically to keep you from overheating, with a half-cut bib that gives you extra torso coverage without covering your entire chest. These will make your gear obsessed guy friends jealous, but more importantly, they’ll keep you ridiculously comfortable on the approach.


Made for frigid days and those who run cold. These bibs feature synthetic insulation that retains warmth even if it gets wet.

Snowman Bib

Men’s Snowman Bib

When the mercury drops and long underwear alone won’t cut it, these will keep you warm from first chair ‘til last.

These bibs are packed with 40g Spaceloft™ insulation, which not only retains body heat in cold weather, it also keeps working efficiently if you manage to get some snow down your pants. Built with 2-layer Intuitive™ fabric, they also have a 10k/10k waterproof breathable rating.

Although that’s a step down from what you’ll get with the Baker, these are intended to be worn on cold days when slush and wet snow really aren’t a factor, so there’s very little likelihood that you’ll find these wanting. And as a result, they can also be had at a more modest asking price, which makes it easier to justify adding these to your gear rotation as an option for frigid days.

Women’s Sphynx Bib

These toasty warm bibs will keep you from freezing on cold days, and unlike many other insulated bibs, they have a flattering form as well.

The magic to these bibs is mostly in the fit. These have a carefully patterned cut that looks and fits like the Foxy bib. That means you’ll still have room to move without restriction, and you won’t have to trade your comfort either. The 40g Spaceloft™ insulation retains warmth even if it gets wet, but that’s not likely thanks to the 10k/10k waterproof breathable rating.

Even better, they’re Flylow’s most affordable women’s bib, which makes it easier to justify adding a set to your ski wardrobe specifically for the coldest days of the season.

In Closing

Clearly, Flylow has a bib to cover almost every conceivable need. And while there are plenty to choose from, making the right choice is really as simple as defining what you need from your bibs. Just remember that non-insulated means no insulation, select your baselayers accordingly, and you’ll be on your way to blissful comfort this season.

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