Ortovox - Avalanche Safety Equipment | Campman


Before Ortovox became the brand of ski outerwear you only noticed because you thought that a European tour bus must have stopped at your local resort last year, they were busy tinkering away with avalanche beacons and radio frequencies. The founder, Gerald Kampel, was the first to make a double frequency avalanche transceiver alongside Jürgen Wegner, which quickly became the number one avalanche beacon at that time. From then on, Ortovox has been a leader in avalanche safety equipment, making cutting-edge beacons, lightweight probes, and highly effective avalanche shovels. 

But making great avalanche safety gear wasn’t enough for Ortovox, so they also began to make backpacks fit for alpine environments as well as ski and snowboard outerwear with a focus on functionality, high-quality materials, and of course the European style and colors we all love. For everything backcountry, Ortovox has a full line of base layers, ski shells, and alpine accessories to keep you toasty while their backpacks and safety equipment offer everything you need for on the slopes, whether you’re in or out-of-bounds.