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Sweet Protection

The story of Sweet Protection has all of the elements of the best outdoor tales. It starts with a Norwegian ban on skateboarding, passes through the worlds of snowboarding, handmade skate decks, and helmets for kayaking, and ends in a company known for making the best head protection in action sports. Above all, a passion for design has driven Sweet Protection to become the company it is today, making helmets, padding, outerwear, and even goggles for everything from mountain biking to kayaking to skiing and snowboarding.

Today, the company continues to stand by their motto of creating superior protection to inspire people to push their boundaries with every piece they create. Relying as much on the cutting-edge designs of their team in the drawing-room as they do on feedback from their athletes ensures that every piece that comes to market is stronger, lighter, and better than previous models on the market. At Sweet, your protection comes first, so you can pursue your passions knowing that you’ve got full coverage.