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Jetboil 5L FluxRing Cooking Pot

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The 5 Liter Flux Pot is FluxRing equipped and optimized for use with the Jetboil Genesis Stove. The Flux Pot features an ample 5 liter capacity and will quickly boil water or other hot foods. The strainer lid is also included.

FluxRing technology makes it possible to heat a conveniently shaped vessel with extremely high efficiency. This patented technology captures the heat of the burner and directs it into the contents of the FluxRing cooking pot, rather than into the air as waste.​


  • Industry leading Jetboil fuel efficiencies
  • Optimized for use with Jetboil Genesis Stove
  • Genesis Stove nests within pot
  • Easy-to-carry insulated handles
  • Strainer lid included
  • Protective skirt


  • Pot Volume: 5 L
  • Pot Height: 6"H
  • Weight: 32.85 oz.