NEMO Heliopolis Shower Tent

NEMO Heliopolis

NEMO Heliopolis

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Designed to integrate seamlessly with the NEMO Helio showers, the Heliopolis creates privacy for campers during showering or changing. It features a rugged steel frame, a mildew resistant PE floor with drainage, hooks for hanging the shower hose for hands free operation, an overhead towel rack, door lock mechanism, and built-in TP dispenser with a dry bag to help you bring the comfort of home to any setting.

  • Pairs perfectly with Helio portable showers, with integrated hooks and hose attachments.
  • Rugged steel frame, welded hub and durable mildew-resistant PE floor bring superior quality.
  • Overhead towel pocket keeps towel both dry and handy.
  • Door lock mechanism allows you to secure zippered door from the inside for privacy.
  • A thin band of rugged mesh at the base of the walls allows drainage without compromising privacy.
  • Built-in toilet paper dispenser with a dry bag keeps TP dry while showering.
  • Paired with Helio LX you can have a hands-free, continuously pressurized, warm ten minute shower


Packaged Size 28 x 8 in / 71 x 20 cm
Length 48 in / 122 cm
Width 48 in / 122 cm
Height 84 in / 213 cm
Weight 12 lbs, 6 oz / 5.6 kg
Fabric/Material 75D Polyester (800 mm) / Steel Poles
Color Earth