Have you ever looked at a pair of Julbo sunglasses and thought, "Man, those look fast". You're not alone. When it comes to moving quickly in the mountains, the fastest athletes always have the fastest sunglasses, which is what we'd like to think drove Jules Baud when he first made the Cristalliers sunglasses for crystal hunters in the mountains back in 1888. Over 100 years later, Julbo is still making glasses for those hunting crystals in the high places of the world, only now they tend to be hunting snow crystals and chasing summits rather than searching for hidden gems.

As you’d expect, lenses are of critical importance to Julbo and to every piece in their line of sunglasses and snow goggles. From making the finest polycarbonate lenses to working with mineral lenses for high altitude protection to offering a wide range of photochromic options, Julbo has just what you need to move faster on your next adventure, or at least look like a rock star from the 70s while you’re out there. Whether you like the classic look of the Vermont glacier sunglasses or need sunnies specialized for trail running, mountain biking, or ski touring, Julbo has you covered with high-quality eye protection and designs that have stood the test of time in mountainous environments.